All my jewellery is made out of 925 silver and is hand crafted in my workshop in Kent. I sometimes incorporate small amounts of gold, glass beads and enamel and will occasionally use and recycle old pieces of jewellery. Most of my pieces are hallmarked with both the 925 silver mark and my personal CFN mark. Popular designs such as the 'Daisy' I will repeat and others are a one off bespoke design, although each piece is unique. I also create 'silver pictures' using bits of silver scrap. I am continually changing my designs, which are regularly updated on the website. 

I offer Jewellery Parties and Talks about how my jewellery is made (I am on the WI Speakers List).



Frequently asked questions:

Will I need to clean my silver jewellery and if so what is the best way to do it?

All the pieces are made from 925 silver and will tarnish.  Wearing the silver regularly will help to keep it clean.  When not wearing it, keep it in a dark place if possible.  For small pieces a silver dip such as Goddards works very well, only leave in the dip for a few seconds though.  For larger pieces a silver polishing cloth works well.  Or if you can return the piece to me, I can tumble polish it which gives the best results. 


Can the sizes be altered?

Chains can easily be made larger or smaller.  Open bangles and rings can be stretched open or closed.  Other pieces can be altered but may require cutting and soldering which will involve extra cost.  


Is every piece unique?

Yes – each piece is handmade so whilst some ideas and pieces are repeated, each piece is unique and there will therefore be some variation.


Can I commission a piece?

Yes.  It will depend on what is involved - contact me to discuss possibilities.

Do you do repairs to jewellery?

Yes, but it will depend on the nature of the repair.  


'Simply stunning and utterly unique is how I would describe the beautiful jewellery which Kate makes. My lovely husband is absolutely thrilled to have discovered Kate’s jewellery has become the answer to all those tricky birthday, anniversary and Christmas presents! As a result, I have been extremely fortunate to have been bought a number of gorgeous pieces over the past couple of years – from beautiful asymmetrical or chunky bangles, to a sparkling bracelet and a beautifully complex and stunning necklace to match, which I have just received for my recent birthday. I absolutely love each highly original and creative piece in my growing collection. In my view silver is definitely a gal’s best friend - thank you, Kate!'